Return to Tulti

Return to Tulti

August 20, 2011

  Tultitlan, Mexico is the site of a large garbage dump near Mexico City, and the people living there work as trash recyclers. Whole families, adults and children, work together on the dump. This September Tom Carter is returning to Tultitlan with Agua Pura Para El Pueblo to offer a series of workshops on clean water and sanitation for the people of the community. Families there have limited access to clean drinking water and children are often sick, but under the co-sponsorship of the Mexican non profit organization Amextra, community leaders will be trained in methods to test drinking water for contamination and in ways to make their water safe to drink. Tom and his wife Susan will be working with school groups, womens organizations and local community leaders to offer programs in basic sanitation and health.


Agua Pura's staff and board are all volunteers and 100% of all donations goes directly to provide materials for our programs. On this trip Agua Pura will be distributing over 200 water temperature indicators that show when the water is safe to drink. Accurate, scientific water testing materials will be provided so that families water supplies can be checked for contamination. Tools and materials for making stoves will also be given to community members.

Water testing kits cost Agua Pura $75 each and at least 5 will be needed. Water temperature indicators cost $3-4 dollars each. Other expenses for supplies may reach several hundred dollars. Your $20 donations will go a long way toward insuring that adequate materials and supplies can be provided to the families at Tultitlan. Please help support our trip by clicking on our secure server, or by sending a check to: Agua Pura Para El Pueblo Tultilan Program 15035 SE Monner Road Happy Valley, Oregon 97086   Thank you very much for your continued support of our work  

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