Agua Pura Is Heading to Haiti

Agua Pura Is Heading to Haiti

November 28, 2016

Agua Pura is working with Hovard Guerrier of Haiti Compost Business, a local community based organization in Cap-Haitien. Hovard was trained in water purification methods by Agua Pura when he was a student in the U.S. and now is leading the way to bring safe drinking water to the families in his community.


First he will test local drinking water supplies including wells and surface waters  for contamination.  Then with that information Hovard and his staff will conduct community meetings to talk about what people can do to protect themselves against disease.  They will also distribute Water Purification indicators (WAPIs) which show when water has reached the temperature of pasteurization and is safe to drink.

This is an exciting new program for Agua Pura and our first project in Haiti.   We are not sure where this will lead but with your help we are committed to help fight cholera.  We work directly with the families and the children to bring safe water.  Agua Pura gets no government aid and all of our staff are volunteers so your tax deductible donations have a huge impact.  Can you help us combat disease and bring healthy drinking water to the families of Haiti?


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