Earthquake Relief in Haiti

Earthquake Relief in Haiti

January 31, 2022

On August 4th, 2021 a major earthquake struck Southern Haiti where some of our volunteers live. Some of the volunteers homes were damaged and a few had minor injuries, but thankfully no deaths. Right away after the dust settled large International aid agencies came into Haiti to help with the immediate medical, food and shelter needs of the communities. Some stayed for a few weeks, some for several months, some are still there.  Our small non-profit, - supported by your donations- has a different purpose.  Instead of focusing on large expensive operations we focus on the individual family and the community to bring safe drinking water and long lasting sanitation to them. 

 The earthquake damaged or destroyed many communities water systems  and forced families to use unsafe, possibly contaminated water sources, so immediately we started planning for what we could do. Soon after two teams were able to reach by motorbike some affected communities that were cut off by the earthquake. When they were able to get through, they brought immediately needed supplies and were able to help community members restore damaged springs and  other water sources. They also talked to the families about how they can protect themselves from water borne diseases.

Despite numerous obstacles the volunteers worked through the end of the year and now will be returning several more times in the next months to continue their work.  They will be testing the water sources for contamination and sharing water purification supplies.  We expect to continue our work with earthquake victims for at least another year. I’m  sharing a few pictures of our volunteers.   They are proud of the work they do and grateful for your support.

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