We're Just Back From Honduras

We're Just Back From Honduras

December 27, 2017

Agua Pura has just completed its 4th year in a row working in the mountains of Honduras, helping bring clean water to families in remote communities. It was gratifying to meet people again who told us that they still use the Water Purification Indicators (WAPIs) we gave them and that their families are still safe and healthy.WAPIs are very simple reusable devices that cost about a dollar and show when water is purified and free of disease-causing bacteria. Our goal is to reach every family in that area with children under six and make sure they have a WAPI, about 6000 families. Can you purchase WAPI's for 50 families?

‍Demonstrating New WAPI Making Equipment

This trip we brought supplies and equipment for making more WAPIs in Honduras, which will be distributed in local pharmacies.

‍Local Community Pharmacy Where Families Can Get A WAPI

We also provided clean water filters for the pharmacies for their patients and for local schools so that the students could have safe drinking water.

One of our volunteers is an authority in food preservation and gave demonstrations to families on ways to save the produce from their gardens for use year round.

She also demonstrated yogurt and cheese making as a way to safely preserve the goat's milk they have.

Agua Pura works directly on a local level with families to help them have safer, healthier lives. We are always invited by local organizations to come and offer our services and we adapt our programs to the needs and interests of those we serve. Our costs are low and the donations we receive go a long way.

Please help us to continue this work by making a tax-deductible donation to to Agua Pura today.Thank you very much.

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