Medical Teams International Display

Medical Teams International Display

June 2, 2010

In June, Medical Teams International hosted a display presentation from Agua Pura in their Portland offices:

One of our long-time volunteer veterans, Tom Carter, has recently established his own non-profit organization (Agua Pura Para El Pueblo) that is dedicated to improving health in developing countries by helping families and communities obtain safe, clean drinking water. Agua Pura promotes simple, small scale methods and techinques that people can use to make their water safe to drink. Tom has begun providing seminars and demonstrations on simple methods to test drinking water for bacterial contamination, which is the most common cause of water borne disease. MTI sponsored one such training in Oaxaca, Mexico with Manos de Vida last fall where Tom shared his knowledge and expertise with many NGO's, missionaries and community leaders who participated. If you like, you can see pictures and read more about Tom's workshop in Oaxaca at his blog: Yesterday morning (Tuesday, June 1st), Tom set-up a Clean Water Display in our lunchroom and would love to receive feedback from our staff and volunteers. Each year millions of children die of diseases due to contaminated drinking water. The water purification methods shown are easy to learn and use, and can save many lives by helping families avoid disease and have clean water in their homes. Please stop by to view this small exhibit and leave your comments for Tom on anything you would like to share about the exhibit. I will be placing comment sheets where you can write your comments. Or you can also email your comments to Tom directly at: or to me, if you wish. The display will be taken down next Monday morning, June 7th, so please stop by this week if you can.

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