Danis' fight to protect the health of her community

Danis' fight to protect the health of her community

September 17, 2013

Danis is a young Wounaan woman living in a remote village in Eastern Panama. These indigenous communities are often isolated and transportation is by dug out canoe over jungle rivers. She is a very good student but to continue her education she had to attend government boarding schools far away from her home. Today she is studying Nursing, but her goal is to someday become a doctor to help her people.


We first met Danis when she attended Agua Pura’s four day training program in Yaviza to learn our modern methods of water and sanitation. From the very first we were impressed by her intelligence and dedication She studied how to test her communities drinking water for bacterial contamination and learned various ways to make drinking water safe to drink. She was a leader in her training and helped others as well. Agua Pura provided her with testing supplies and water pasteurization indicators to take back to her village, and now she is now back in her community assisting her neighbors keep their drinking water safe.  Agua Pura’s goal is to train and support more people like Danis. We give them water testing and purification supplies and work with them to help their community. These supplies are inexpensive but vital to the health of Wounaan families and children. Your generous donations go directly back to the Wounaan people by helping Danis and others help themselves and their neighbors have safe drinking water.

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