Portable Microbiology Laboratory Provided to Workshop Participants

Everything necessary to accurately and safely test drinking water for bacterial contamination can be packaged in a large ziplock bag.  These materials, called a "laboratory in a bag" by its developer  Dr. Robert Metcalf are a modern adaptation of standard microbiology procedures but are much simpler to perform.

Worldwide, health organizations recommend testing for e. coli bacteria in water as an indicator of contamination.  The contents of the "PML" include gel plates specific for detecting e. coli bacteria and a highly sensitive fluorescent chemical assay for the same organism.  These two tests together can accurately test drinking water for bacteria with over 99% accuracy.  The kit also includes all collection materials and everything necessary to process and interpret the results.

Participants from different organizations have been invited to participate in Agua Pura's fall workshops in Mexico on September 22 and 23 and on September 29 and 30   There, they will learn to use and interpret the results of testing so that they in turn can analyze drinking water in their own work.  Over the past several years Agua Pura has trained a number of different organizations in these procedures.  The workshops will also cover a number of ways to make contaminated water safe to drink.

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